Champagne Cream Yellow Gold Large Paper Flowers


Any wedding or party will be more stunning and magnificent with the set of large paper flowers or even the whole theme! Paper flowers are super for nursery, little girl’s room, or any elegant feminine space. Have a fun using them as thank-you gift or house warming. Decorate your relevant business place. These flowers will make any space look like a display.

All the flowers handcrafted in realistic manner in the form of superior roses. Exquisite hydrangeas and leaves give charm for the whole set.

Cream (or champagne) and yellow gold is a nice combo of colors. Soft cream/champagne color makes the roses looking tender and fragile while gold ones add shine and chic to the whole arrangement. It is a wonderful solution for a wedding in yellow or golden shades.

Order your set now making just a few clicks and in 20-25 days you will hang these on your wall!




9 premium  roses, 5 hydrangeas, 10 plumeria flowers,  leaves


– 2 large rose – 16″/40 cm
– 2 medium roses -12″/30 cm
– 3 small roses – 8″/20 cm
– 2 smaller roses – 6″/15 cm
– 3 medium hydrangeas
– 2 small hydrangeas
– 10 plumeria flowers – 2-3″/5-7 cm


For cream/champagne flowers was used matte design paper.
For golden flowers was used metallized design paper.


– with hot glue, if it is possible;

– to protect your walls from damages, stick mascking tape on the wall and then attach the flower with hot glue over the masking one;

– use Command brand (3M) damage free tape;

– I urgently DO NOT recommend fastening roses to curtains. This requires contrivances and it is unlikely that you will succeed.


For your greater choice I offer you a collection of roses in different stunning color combinations:

This set is perfectly combined with crepe peonies:

If you’d like to create your own set of your colors, you can order the roses one by one here:


Your items will be shipped after the payment is cleared. 100% payment is required on all custom orders.

Please make sure that you specified a valid address.

We use only air mail with a tracking code. Delivery is guaranteed.

Normally we ship the product within 5 business days but please allow us a bit more if your order significantly exceeds one piece.

All flowers are sent fully assembled and ready for use

Flowers are carefully packed and fixed. All the boxes are provided with partitions to separate flowers from each other and to ensure delivery in excellent condition.

Shipping takes:

  • to USA: 15-20 days
  • to Canada: 20-28 days
  • to Europe: 12-20 days
  • Japan: 14-20 days
  • to Australia, New Zealand: 20-30 days

Please note, it takes longer in pre-Christmas time.

If you did not receive the package for 4 weeks, please contact us.

We don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Normally we reply to any requests within a couple hours in the daytime.

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